Operationalising Safety II: The Laing O’Rourke story


Hear how Connetics CEO Jono Brent is getting started with introducing Safety II concepts into his business. Also hear from Safety II expert Daniel Hummerdal from Art of Work about how other businesses he works with are operationalising Safety II. 

Jono will talk about his frustration with conventional approaches to health and safety, and what attracted him to the Safety II approach. He will talk about how he's gone about getting started with introducing Safety II concepts into his business.  This includes the need to change the way health and safety performance is measured, and to go beyond traditional culture surveys to try to find out what's really going on in his business. 

Safety II is an approach that changes the definition of safety management from ‘avoiding things going wrong’ to ‘ensuring everything goes right’.

This is a great opportunity to hear from a company that is at the fore-front of implementing a Safety II approach, and a expert who is supporting companies around the world to make the most of what Safety II has to offer.  



  • Sudima Hotel 550 Memorial Ave Christchurch Airport