What could possibly go right?

Workshop with Erik Hollnagel - 2 Aug 2017

A workshop with Professor Emeritus Erik Hollnagel on how understanding why things go right at work can help leaders build safer, more resilient, and better performing businesses.  

Denmark-based Prof Hollnagel is the originator of Safety II – an alternative approach that challenges many traditional assumptions about how to improve health and safety performance.

Prof Hollnagel encourages organisations to learn – not just from what goes wrong at work – but also from what goes right during an ordinary working day.

At this workshop he will explore two or three strategies leaders can use to begin developing a Safety II approach within their organisations.

This workshop builds on the Safety II concepts introduced at the Forum’s October 2016 Summit and at our safety leadership courses. Attendees will leave with ideas for strategies they can begin to use within their organisations.

To help you develop an understanding of these concepts in your organisation, we encourage you to bring along one of your general managers who works in an operational, HR or legal role. Prof Hollnagel is also delivering separate, more intensive, workshops for Health and Safety Managers in partnership with Leading Safety.

About Professor Erik Hollnagel

Erik Hollnagel (PhD, psychology) is Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Visiting Professorial Fellow at Macquarie University, Adjunct Professor at the Central Queensland University, formerly Professor and Industrial Safety Chair at École des Mines de Paris and Professor Emeritus at University of Linköping (Sweden). Erik has for many years worked at universities, research centres, and industries in several countries and with problems from many domains including nuclear power generation, aerospace and aviation, software engineering, land-based traffic, and healthcare. He has published widely and is the author/editor of 24 books, including five books on resilience engineering, as well as a large number of papers and book chapters



  • Eden Park, South Level 4 Lounge, 42 Reimers Ave, Kingsland, Auckland (Enter via Gate G)

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