Resources to help CEOs and managing directors develop their leadership of health and safety risk management, and meet their due diligence and PCBU duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Risk toolkit: CEO guide to risk

Guidance on the CEO’s role in managing health and safety risks. Includes questions to help CEOs and their teams review their current performance.

Download the CEO Guide to Risk [PDF, 227KB]

Risk toolkit: Digging deeper into risk management

Questions to help CEOs and businesses look more deeply into their management of health and safety risks.

Download the Digging Deeper into Risk Management guide [PDF, 206KB]

Risk toolkit: Examples of good risk management practices

Tools and examples of good health and safety risk management practices.

Download the Examples of Good Risk Management Practices guide [PDF, 310KB]

How to fail safely

This PowerPoint/video resource is based on a presentation by Dr Todd Conklin on why leaders need to build businesses that can fail safely. CEOs can use it to lead a one-hour discussion workshop with their teams.

View the How to Fail Safely resource

Case study: Landcorp

Landcorp CEO Steve Carden describes the corporate farming company’s approach to managing critical health and safety risks (July 2017).

View the Landcorp Case Study

Case study: Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan executive Jules Fulton explains why the construction company changed its approach to health and safety risk management and decided to focus on critical risks (May 2013).

View the Fulton Hogan Case Study