Involving your people in health and safety

Workers often understand the risks in their workplace better than anyone. So it’s not surprising that there’s considerable research to show that involving them in decisions on health and safety can help reduce harm at work. It's also a legal requirement. 


Getting more out of site visits

See this short guide to how leaders can get more from site visits – and improve performance - by focusing on what happens during a normal working day.

Learning from what goes right

Watch this video on 'Safety II' - a new approach to safety that focuses on learning from what goes right at work. It summarises a presentation at the Forum's Oct 2016 Summit by Daniel Hummerdal, from Art of Work.

Then watch Daniel's advice on how CEOs and their organisations can put a Safety II approach into practice.

Daniel has also written this Learning from Success guide for Forum members that provides more info on how organisations can improve health and safety by better understanding 'ordinary' work.

Tips for building a safety culture

Watch this presentation by Prof Tim Marsh, a world authority on behavioural safety, which summarises his presentation to the Forum’s May 2016 Summit.

Site visits

Read this guide on how CEOs can have effective health and safety conversations with workers during site visits.

Watch a presentation by Dr Philip Voss on how safety conversations can uncover ‘weak signals of failure’.

CEO stories: Building a reporting culture – the CEO's role: Ed Sims, former CEO, Airways New Zealand. Watch the video or read the full case study.

Drugs and alcohol: Read the results of a 2013 survey on how members are approaching this complex issue.