Case Study

james fletcher

James Fletcher, Treescape

James Fletcher, CEO, Treescape

Getting your organisation's culture humming

“In every organisation I’ve gone into I’ve realised I’ve had to personalise safety, and to personalise it to every individual in the business. It’s really important that people understand the concept of looking after yourself and your mates at work.”

"You’ll always have your cynics, but understanding their motivation is crucial – as is repetition of the same safety mantra. If you stop talking about health and safety it’s a failure of leadership, and people will notice.”

James’ tips for successful H&S leadership

1. Do your research and due diligence when you start a leadership role. Get to know the key risks and really get a sense of what’s going on in the business.

2. You don’t have to change the world on day one. Think long and hard about your health and safety message to the organisation, and importantly, personalise it, repeat it as much as possible, and be consistent.

3. Take any opportunity to go out into your business and listen to the people doing the work. They have great ideas and often most of the answers.