Case Study

steve carden

Changing a proud culture - Landcorp/Pāmu

Steve Carden, CEO, Landcorp/Pāmu

The issue

In October 2015 Landcorp/Pāmu experienced its third workplace fatality in six months. Not surprisingly, we went into crisis mode. We were desperate to stop anyone else dying. After much soul-searching, we came up with a plan to change the entrenched culture that was making our business unsafe.

What we did about it

We realised we were facing a massive cultural issue – that we absolutely had to change attitudes towards health and safety in our organisation. In particular, we had to challenge the belief that injuries are an unavoidable part of farming. With the help of an Australian consultancy we came up with a six-part plan to do this.


The outcome

Nearly two years into our programme injuries are trending down and attitudes are shifting. When I go onto farms now it's really easy to strike up a conversation about health and safety. In fact, farmers will initiate them. It's intangible things like that which tell me the culture is starting to change.