Case Study

alison andrew

Ensuring contractors are successful so you can be too - Transpower

Alison Andrew, CEO, Transpower

The problem

In 2014, Transpower identified safety and performance issues with the way its $35 million a year tower painting programme was being delivered. Some of its tower painting contractors struggled to achieve good performance. Previous attempts to improve things had focused on Transpower imposing solutions, like specific PPE.  Eventually Transpower realised that the commercial terms its contractors worked under were undermining safety and performance.

What we did about it

Transpower began by extending the length of its contracts from 12 weeks to 18 months and set up a ‘panel’ of contractors. This meant for the first time contractors had security of income and could begin investing in their businesses. It also began an internal shift away from telling contractors how to do their jobs. Instead, it supported them to come up with innovations.

The outcome

The rewards of this longer-term, more collaborative approach to working with contractors included improved productivity, profitability, and health and safety. One year on, the tower painting operation delivered against its work plan for the first time. Three years on, TRIFR in this part of the business had fallen from 60 to 0, and remains below Transpower’s average.