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CEO Summits October 2019 - Akl, Wgtn, Chch

We will hear from an expert about mind-sets and practices that can support CEOs to show leadership in this area. We will also hear how some Forum CEOs are identifying and managing these risks.

There will be an opportunity to discuss and share experiences with your fellow Forum CEOs. Attendees will also be asked to identify specific psycho-social risks they would like the Forum to focus on, with a view to us delivering more targeted support for members in 2019.

We will be running Summits in Auckland and Christchurch.  Members can attend any Summit, regardless of where they are based. Our AGM will be held just prior to the Auckland Summit.

 AUCKLAND: Tuesday, 15 October; 11.00am–1.45pm, includes lunch. (AGM starts 10.00am)

Venue: Eden Park, 42 Reimers Ave, Kingsland, Auckland 

CHRISTCHURCH: Wednesday, 16 October; 10.30am–1.15pm, includes lunch

Venue: Sudima Christchurch Airport, 550 Memorial Ave, Christchurch