Mid-year CEO Summit with Todd Conklin

23 July, 10am - 1pm, includes lunch

Eden Park, South Level 4 Lounge, 42 Reimers Ave, Kingsland, Auckland 

Forum CEOs and directors are invited to our Mid-year CEO Summit with US human performance expert Todd Conklin. Todd is one of the world’s foremost health and safety thinkers and is also a highly entertaining speaker.

Todd will discuss the need for leaders to create organisations that can ‘fail safely’. That means they need to focus on creating safe ‘systems’, not safe workers. He will talk about what those concepts looks like in practice, and what they mean for effective boardroom monitoring of health and safety.

This event is for Forum CEOs and Managing Directors, who are welcome to bring members of their leadership teams as guests. Members unable to attend can send a direct report in their place. 

Thanks to NZISM for partnering with us to bring Todd to New Zealand. NZISM is running a series of events for H&S professionals with Todd. See more about these events.

About Todd Conklin

Todd operates in both the academic and applied worlds of health and safety. As a consultant, he advises organisations around the globe on how to improve their human performance, and build safe, highly resilient workplaces. He holds a Ph.D. in organisational behaviour from the University of New Mexico, and as a Senior Advisor for Organisational and Safety Culture at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, he has spent more than 25 years researching human performance. For a sample of his work, see this summary of his 2017 presentation to Forum members.