Executive Education

Health and safety leadership can be learned.

With that in mind the Forum has supported the development of executive education programmes aimed at creating world-class health and safety executive-level leaders.

Obligation Creates Opportunity (one day, or individual modules)

A new course focusing on the CEO’s key obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA), exploring how they can leverage these obligations for better health and safety outcomes and improved business performance. There are four key modules focusing on; due diligence, mental health and wellbeing, critical risk and supply chain relationships (overlapping PCBUs).

Who is this for? Highly recommended for CEOs still getting to grips with the HSWA's implications for their role, or those new to the CEO role. An excellent refresher for more seasoned CEOs wanting assurance that their health and safety leadership remains on track. We strongly recommend members complete this course, or at least two modules before enrolling in the Executive Leadership programme.

Executive Leadership Programme (two days)

Our preeminent programme. This two-day CEO programme enables you to benchmark yourself against a model of work-class executive health and safety leadership. You will get feedback on your strengths and practical suggestions to lift your performance. A 360 assessment and personal follow-up is included. This programme is also run at General Manager/Executive level.

Who is this for? For CEOs who are ready to take the next step in their health and safety leadership and are after an understanding of what world-class executive health and safety leadership looks like on a day-to-day basis. We strongly recommend members complete the Obligation Creates Opportunity course, or at least two modules before enrolling in this programme.

Leaders Stepping Up (two days, run several weeks apart)

Designed specifically for SMEs or contractors. This health and safety leadership course is based on the Executive Leadership Programme and is run over two separate days, for owners and managers of small-to-medium sized businesses.

This has been designed with your supply chain in mind to elevate their health and safety culture and enable them to run safe, healthy businesses that are better able to contribute towards your organisation’s success.

Who is this for? Owners and managers of small-to-medium sized businesses in your supply chain, and managers in your business who work closely with key contractors.


About the programme presenters

These programmes are delivered by Leading Safety, a New Zealand-based health and safety consultancy. Directors Dr Hillary Bennett and Dr Philip and their team are award-winning and expert specialists in health and safety leadership, health and safety culture, human factors and Safety II thinking. The Forum runs the Executive Education programmes at cost with no profit or margin. 

Brent Esler

Brent Esler 
CEO, HW Richardson Group

"I found the programme of great value. Discussing the various health and safety concepts with experienced presenters and a small group of leaders was an excellent training forum. A great investment of two days of my time that I would highly recommend."

Colin Crampton

Colin Crampton
CEO, Wellington Water

“The programme made me think about my role as a leader versus the systems and processes we run throughout our organisation and our supply chain. I also came away with some very valuable
information from others who attended the programme who were tracking on slightly different courses to me but still had the same fundamental values.”

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