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The Forum's pledge

Forum members sign a pledge to take personal responsibility for health and safety, and commit to becoming more effective safety leaders.

I will:

Take personal responsibility for making health and safety a vital part of my business.

Create a workplace where everyone views health and safety as natural and important as quality, profit and customer service.

My organisation will:

Hold itself accountable before its peers by sharing its health and safety performance.

Constantly improve its health and safety performance.

Champion health and safety – inspiring our people, suppliers and customers to create Zero Harm Workplaces.

Build workplaces which guarantee reported incidents will be investigated and action taken.

The Forum will:

Use its combined skill, experience and resources to make health and safety everyone’s responsibility.

Combine its strengths to improve people’s ability to look after themselves and their families.

Be open to initiatives from all sources which contribute to achieving Zero Harm Workplaces.

Leaders who join the Forum are sent a copy of the pledge to sign and display in their organisation. This copy is counter-signed by the Minister of Workplace Relations and Safety.

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