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Leadership programme

To help members become better leaders of health and safety, the Forum commissioned the creation of an Executive Leadership Programme.

 About the programme

The programme provides executives with a pathway to develop their health and safety leadership skills. It explores mind-sets and practices of world-class health and safety leaders.

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Course Prospectus

The programme includes a two-day course and a 360 Assessment. Follow-up sessions enable participants to develop a personal action plan.

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Registrations are now open for 2019 courses.

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Peter BeggsLou Sanson 
CEO, Department of Conservation

"The programme is so good I have decided to put all DoC’s 50 senior leaders on it. We design and constantly use the two-day course to test our health, safety and wellbeing system. The results have been outstanding."

Brent EslerBrent Esler 
CEO, HW Richardson Group

"I found the programme of great value. Discussing the various health and safety concepts with experienced presenters and a small group of leaders was an excellent training forum. A great investment of two days of my time that I would highly recommend."


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