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Forum launches CEO Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Posted 19 October 2018 under News releases

Workplace mental health and wellbeing is an area of increasing focus for CEOs. But many leaders are unsure what they should be doing in this space.

To support them, the Forum has created a framework that CEOs and organisations can use to make sense of their role in managing mental health and wellbeing at work.

The framework was launched at three Forum summits in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, attended by 160 CEOs, directors and senior executives.

It was developed by health and safety leadership expert Dr Hillary Bennett, from Leading Safety, with input from Forum executives and CEOs.

Presenting the guide at the Summits, Dr Bennett said it provided a ‘sense-making’ tool to help CEOs understand their role in managing mental health and wellbeing at work.

It would help them ensure they are meeting their obligations to prevent harm at work, and also harnessing opportunities to ensure their people thrive.

The framework offers four approaches for managing mental health and wellbeing at work – Protect, Support, Reclaim and Foster.

An effective mental health and wellbeing plan will use all four approaches, Dr Bennett said.

See the CEOs Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing [PDF, 540KB]

See Dr Bennetts slides from her Summit presentation [PDF, 1.5MB]


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