The Forum’s annual Benchmarking Report enables participating Forum members to compare their performance with that of peers and others outside their industry, using a common set of definitions. The reports also help the Forum to monitor its impact on health and safety performance.

A summary of the report is publicly available showing results for all industries. A more in-depth report, that includes sector results, is available to participants in the benchmarking project.

If you would like to join the benchmarking project and receive the full report email Taking part in the initiative is free for Forum members.

2019 Benchmarking Report - Summary

View a summary of the 2019 Benchmarking Report to see health and safety performance data for participating Forum members for the 2019 calendar year, along with five year trends.

Download the 2019 Benchmark Report Snapshot [PDF, KB]

Benchmarking tool

User’s Guide to Forum Benchmarking System [PDF, 738KB]

Definitions used in Forum Benchmarking Project [PDF, 140KB]

Download the Industry Classification System [PDF, 121KB]

Previous benchmarking reports

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