CEO guides

Guides to help CEOs and managing directors develop their leadership of health and safety.

CEO guide to health and safety leadership

Read what leaders can do to demonstrate health and safety leadership. Includes examples from New Zealand CEOs.

Download What is Safety Leadership? A guide for CEOs [PDF, 1MB]

Risk toolkit: CEO guide to risk

Guidance on the CEO’s role in managing health and safety risks. Includes questions to help CEOs and their teams review their current performance.

Download the CEO Guide to Risk guide [PDF, 227KB]

Monitoring what matters – A guide for CEOs

Guidance to help CEOs and directors improve measurement of health and safety, including examples of indicators. Includes an assessment CEOs can use with their teams or boards.

Download Monitoring What Matters - May 2019 [PDF, 987KB]

CEO guide to mental health and wellbeing at work

A framework to help CEOs make sense of their role in protecting the mental health of workers and in promoting wellbeing at work. Includes assessments for leaders and organisations.

Download the CEO guide to mental health and wellbeing at work [PDF, 553KB]