Covid-19: Lessons from our leaders

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Lessons from our leaders during Covid-19

What's the leadership work for you as a CEO in creating a better normal, not just a new normal?

What's the one thing you've learnt through leading through this crisis, that you want to hold on to?

If you could have written a letter to yourself a year ago with what you know now, what would you have told yourself as a CEO and leader?

Health and safety leadership in a Covid-19 environment - a resource for CEOs

A resource designed to support leaders in these uncertain and extraordinary times.

Health and Safety leadership in a COVID-19 environment - for CEOs (PDF, 596 KB) is pulled together from ideas, experiences and questions from Forum CEOs who've continued to operate through the lockdown.

It's an imperfect set of questions and ideas that endeavour to support you to step back in these uncertain and extraordinary times, and engage your team, key suppliers and board on getting set for the pending return to work. It also aims to support us find not just a "new normal", but potentially a "better normal".

Leadership and adaptation in challenging times - member summary

During May 2020 the Forum hosted virtual conversations with nearly 50 CEO members to discuss their adaptive leadership strategies during Covid-19. Leadership and adaptation in challenging times - member summary is an anonymised summary of those discussions - as well as five questions to consider alongside your Leadership Team as you look to, or continue to include adaptive leadership in your management practices in the longer term. 

Connecting CEOs on Covid-19

We are connecting our Forum CEOs through informal, regular regional and national-wide Zoom calls to share ideas, challenges and advice. To join one of these calls, contact us at