Dignity and wellbeing at work

We were fortunate to bring Dr Donna Hicks from Harvard University, to Forum members, virtually, via two events in Auckland and Christchurch in October and November, 2020.

Donna challenged our thinking about dignity, which is different to respect, and how it applies in the workplace. 

We've distilled Donna's 50-minute presentation into three short (3-4 minute) videos as a resource for leaders, their teams and Boards, focusing on: 

  • the definition of dignity and how it is intrinsically linked to wellbeing
  • how our biological reaction to a dignity violation is the same as a physical accident 
  • the ten elements of dignity - and how they apply in the workplace.

As Donna says, the ten elements of dignity may be common sense, but they're not common knowledge. 

Video one: Dignity and wellbeing - why they are essential partners

Video two: The evidence for why dignity and wellbeing are connected 

Video three: Dignity, what it looks like in the workplace