Supply chain

Resources to help CEOs and managing directors develop their leadership of health and safety in their contracting chains and meet their legal duties towards PCBUs.

Success factors for contractor health and safety

A summary of 12 success factors that research shows support good health and safety in contracting chains.  

Download Setting Up for Success [PDF, 82KB]

Z Energy’s Approach to Working with PCBUs

Resources outlining the innovative approach Z Energy took to understanding its PCBU obligations. Includes reflective questions CEOs and Managing Directors can use in a conversation with teams about their businesses’ PCBU arrangements.

View the Video on Working with PCBUs [YouTube]

Download the Guide on Working with PCBUs [PDF, 1.3MB]

Case study: Z Energy – CEO intervention to support safety

Z Energy CEO Mike Bennetts explains why he got involved when his team raised concerns about contractor health and safety (July 2014).

Download the Z Energy Case Study [PDF, 588KB]